Call for Papers

Call for Papers


2017 AFOMEDI Conference

“Asian Perspectives of the Mediterranean Studies:

exchange and dialogue”

Institute for Mediterranean Studies

At Busan University of Foreign Studies

(11 March 2017)

We are pleased to announce the launching of the first conference organised by the Asian Federation of Mediterranean Studies Institutes (AFOMEDI), which will be held on the 11 March 2017 at the Institute for Mediterranean Studies, Busan University of Foreign Studies.

The engagement with the Mediterranean Studies have always been present in the Asian countries where it has been possible to observe and analyse the region from afar, generating unique visions of what constitutes Mediterranean identity and how it affects and is affected by its relation with other parts of the world, including, most notably, Asia. Pointing to the crux of debates and scholars that exercise varied Asian perspectives on the studies of the Mediterranean region, this conference seeks to explore the vast and diverse scope through the mapping of a history of intercultural exchange and dialogue found on or affected by the task of performing the Mediterranean Studies in Asia.

AFOMEDI (Asian Federation of Mediterranean Studies Institutes) was founded in Busan in March 2016 to promote Mediterranean studies in Asia by strengthening the cooperation and contact among the institutes and the scholars dedicated to the studies of the Mediterranean region.

Commemorating the launching of AFOMEDI federation, this conference welcomes papers dealing with any aspects of disciplinary and interdisciplinary engagements with the Mediterranean Studies and its Asian perspectives, which will contribute to a scholarly discussion involving philosophy, history, language, literature and culture, among other possibilities.

All proposal submissions should be made at this website: (please go to ‘Conference’ on the menu). Proposals should not exceed 300 words including title of paper, full name of author and institutional details.

Closing date for submission of proposals – 15 January 2017.

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