Call for Papers

Call for Papers

Asian Federation of Mediterranean Studies Institutes 

IV International Conference • Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan • March 18-19, 2024 

Spaces of Familiarity, Spaces of Difference in the Mediterranean 


Geographic factors and methods play central roles in the formation of Mediterranean studies. The sea is situated at the intersection of three continents and its waters foster transportation and communication. The basin gathers together different peoples in both cohabitation and conflict. The IV International Conference of the Asian Federation of Mediterranean Studies Institutes (AFOMEDI) will examine the nature of this “space.” The theme encourages scholars to analyze how peoples interacted with the sea basin in their political, social, economic, cultural, and religious activities and exchanges. The theme also invites researchers to explore “familiarity” and “difference” in the study of the Mediterranean from locations, cultural backgrounds, and contexts in East Asia and elsewhere. Through this conference, we hope to advance a stronger understanding of the relationship between geography and human dynamics. We will also inquire about the social constructs and sensory perceptions of geography, landscape, and human relations that created and create “spaces” in the Mediterranean.


Scholars based in East Asia and around the world working in all disciplines, thematic fields, and time periods related to the Mediterranean are welcome to present at this conference. Please submit abstracts (300 words max) and short biographical paragraphs (150 words max) to the email address below. Abstracts should include a title, a description of the content of the paper, and a clear argument. AFOMEDI is unable to support travel and expenses related to attendance at the conference. 


For more information about the conference and to submit paper abstracts and bios, please contact: Dr. Prof. Toby Yuen-Gen Liang, President of AFOMEDI, The deadline to submit abstracts and biographies is Friday September 8, 2023 The official language of the conference is English. Please visit: This conference is organized with the Spain-North Africa Project and the Mediterranean Seminar. Photograph courtesy of Wikicommons 


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